Roots of Eden

The First Truths for a Season of Renewal

A new book by Will Shelton

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When we tell the story of God, where do we start?

As the pandemic disrupted the ways we worship and practice our faith, we've been given an opportunity to reevaluate everything. Perhaps the better question now is this: Where do we restart?

How do we tell our story best in a post-pandemic world? How would you tell it to a child? Or to someone who has never heard it before?

Maybe the best place to begin is still here: "In the beginning..."

The things we want to believe most about God are often present in the story's first truths from the Garden of Eden.

And in those first truths, we also find the most important things to believe about ourselves.

Roots of Eden explores the first truths of scripture. What's the first thing the story tells us about God? About ourselves? What's the first thing God says to human beings? What is the first truth of the relationship between Adam and Eve? How can we see the events of Genesis 3 through the first truths of Genesis 1? And what does all of this mean for life outside the garden?

The roots of Eden still run deep into the world we've made. And from the beginning, it's a world that can be good.

If you, your small group, or your church are looking for a place to begin again, there's no better place to start than, "In the beginning..."

About the Author

Will Shelton is a pastor in the United Methodist Church. For the last 15 years, he's served churches of all shapes and sizes - from 15 people in rural Appalachia to the associate pastor at a large church - and is currently the senior pastor at First United Methodist in Pulaski, VA. A native of Knoxville, TN, during those same 15 years he's worked in his spare time as a sports blogger covering University of Tennessee athletics. Will is married to his wife Alex, and they have two children: their son Covington, and daughter Sophia.